Villa Venetiana Apartments
Chorafakia, Akrotiri
West Crete, Greece

8 Air conditioned apartments in Chorafakia, Akrotiri, West Crete

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Recently found pictures of The Akrotiri in 1988 - 20 years ago  Taken & sent by Peter & Merril Snelling

The years before Tourism - Amazing how empty it is !!!!!!!


      Tersanas Beach                   View of Tersanas from Maria's House            Tersanas Beach looking Inland

         Stavros Beach                       Zorba's Mountain - Stavros

               Maria's House                View of Zorba's Mountain from Maria's House

Odd pictures that have come to light

Boats in the Water in Stavros                     The Old Beach House at Stavros                 Twin Olive Trees at the Monastry

Mountain Goats                               The Pool at Dusk                          The Sea at Dusk    

Villa Venetiana Gardens






Stavros - "Big Blue"

Dusk at Big Blue

Late Afternoon

Malika & Friends                       After Lunch                          Pure Bliss

Scenes from West Crete

Village Church near Samaria Gorge


Views of Samaria Samaria Gorgerea

CChora Sfakion                             Paleokastritsa

Table Setting in Paleokastritsa!

View from t Elephonisus                      Elephonisus                        Fallasarna           

"Blue House" at Loutro

Cretan Wedding

View over Chania - from the Church

The Wedding


The Party

Villa Venetiana Bar-B-Q

            Pool Side Sunset              Guests and friends enjoy the Party       Yiannis &  Dimitri "Hair-Raising Tales"

The Pool at Night

More to come !

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